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Festival food

Festival Restaurants

At Trondheim Brewery Festival we focus on the connection between flavor, craft beer, brew and food. Food culture is an important part of the festival experience. That's why every year we have five selected restaurants from Trøndelag who tailor a menu towards the festival crowd, all based on locally sourced ingredients.  

Whether you're choosing brew to go with your food, or food to go with your brew, ask the brewers and festival restaurants for tips and advice on food- and brew combinations. Here we have something for every palate. The restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan dishes, meat, fisk, snacks and desserts - everything based on local ingredients and foods.

E.C. Dahls Pub og Kjøkken has been attending Trondheim Brewery Festival for many years and are serving burgers and classic American pub food.  

Indian Tandoori Restaurant has been part of Trondheim Brewery Festival since the start in 2013, and are serving up spiced Indian food like reindeer wrap with reindeer meat from Rørosrein and tikke masala and masala dosa with dairy from Kilnes gård. Owner Pukhraj Virkaur travels to the dairy farm in Hegra every week to collect fresh farm milk for her restaurant.

Una Autopizzeria has also been part of the festival for many years, and their Italian pizza - made by Italians - is folded and eaten the Italian way; it's called Pizza Portafoglio.

One of the new culinary festival experiences this year is Olavstorget; they'll be offering two street food flavors. Frida Taqueria is making Mexican tacos and Matologi has Asian-inspired sandwiches.

If you would like a cuppa coffee the newly launched Kaffekokeriet will be there serving hot brew. They make their coffee from a variety of coffee roasting companies in Trøndelag. They will be serving both savory and sweet waffles, with toppings from the Trøndelag summer season food offerings.

E.C. Dahls Pub & Kjøkken

American-inspired pub food; burgers, fries, mac&cheese

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Indian Tandoori Restaurant

Exotic food based on ingredients from Trøndelag. Tikka masala, masala dosa, reindeer wrap, nan bread. 

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Coffee roasting company with sweet and savory waffles with seasonal toppings sourced in Trøndelag

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Asian-inspired sandwiches from Matologi and Mexican tacos from Frida Taqueria.

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Una Autopizzeria

Pizza Portafoglio is classic Italian street food; baked in a wood fired pizza oven, folded and served.

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