Hitra Frøya

The ocean treasure chest

Frøya and Hitra - ocean abundance

Fresh, wild, salty – and very hospitable. On the islands of Frøya and Hitra there is an abundance of fish and seafood straight from the ocean. Here you can have crab, clams, mussels, langoustine and fish. Gourmet cheeses are produced on the islands, and there is wild sheep and deer meat of the best quality. The residents of Frøya and Hitra are passionately invested in local food production, all while being consciously connected to nature. 

At Ansnes Brewery you can sample local brews and all the delicious foods from the ocean. They have apartments and hot tubs right at the water’s edge. Hotell Frøya offers a great local food buffet, and have cozy rooms overlooking the ocean. At night you can have a glass of wine in the Sky Bar.